How to Properly Store and Maintain Live Bait for Fishing Trips

Live Bait Store Dundee

The advantages of utilizing live bait are manifold, but the most compelling aspect is that fish, regardless of their species such as trout, crappies, or bass, are accustomed to consuming natural prey. Utilizing live bait eliminates the need to replicate natural sustenance in the water, therefore removing any uncertainty. Minnows or other baitfish are typically the most abundant and effective live bait for fishing. Minnows or baitfish are rarely utilized by anglers due to the inadequacy of most live bait containers in maintaining their vitality.

Anglers are increasingly using minnows less due to three straightforward factors. Initially, the task of locating bait shops that stock minnows is growing increasingly challenging. Secondly, there is an additional duration of time necessary to sustain the live bait before and during your fishing excursion. Furthermore, the majority of live bait storage containers are challenging to utilize effectively while engaged in fishing.

What is the Purpose of Keeping the Bait Alive?

Initially, live bait in live bait shop Dundee has an ideal and organic wriggler along with other baits. Agile and unpredictable motions are optimal for luring in the large catch.

When live bait remains motionless, the fish’s blood and other natural attractants are not being adequately oxygenated and maintained in a fresh state. The use of newly harvested meat is crucial for attracting larger catches, and maintaining the bait’s vitality will enhance its effectiveness.

Things to Avoid

Keep Overfilled Buckets At Bay

There is less oxygen available to each fish in a bait bucket as its volume increases. Here at Dundee Bait Shop, we want to make sure the fish are well-oxygenated so they may swim around and live long, healthy lives. Before you go fishing, make sure you have a large enough container to hold a lot of water and bait without spilling out.

Keep in mind that the accumulation of ammonia from excrement and urine can reduce oxygen levels and lead to fish hypoxia if you keep too much bait in a bucket.

Be careful With Pressure

Be careful not to apply too much pressure or handle your bait too roughly when manipulating it. More quickly than any other factor, this can kill the fish.

Guarantee an Adequate Supply of Oxygen

You may simply find an air pump or bubbler from a live bait store; just make sure the water where your bait is kept is well-aerated in a bubbler you can easily get from a live bait store. The fish will be sure to have just the right amount of oxygen if you do this.

The water temperature should be kept at a comfortable level

An appropriate water temperature is essential for the survival of baitfish, just as it is for other species. To do this, keep an eye on the temperature with an aquarium thermometer and make sure it stays between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Change the Water Regularly

Refilling your bait tank or bucket with new water on a regular basis is essential for keeping the water clean and the oxygen levels high. Doing this every day is highly recommended.

Select the Appropriate Livewell

The upright Livewell available at the bait and tackle shop in Dundee offers a unique advantage in maintaining bait vitality and well-being. Its taller height, compared to its width, enhances its functionality. This column structure not only minimizes sloshing, preventing your bait from forcefully hitting the wall, but also facilitates milling. The term used to describe the relaxed circular movement of bait is called “milling,” which is considered more advantageous for the bait.

Verify the Status of your Batteries

The size of your pump is important for circulation, whilst the battery capacity you have aboard is crucial for operating your pump. Ensure the pump’s ability to operate continuously throughout the day without requiring recharging, and potentially for an extended duration if needed.

For those intending to embark on a fishing expedition in the near future, it is imperative to employ these guidelines in order to prolong the vitality of your bait. You want to deplete your bait supply due to reaching your catch limit, rather than having your bait perish throughout your fishing excursion.

Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Baitfish

Occasionally, you may need to arrange a fishing excursion spanning multiple days or acquire minnows ahead of time before using them for fishing purposes. Buy fishing worms from shops like Dundee Bait Shop possess the advantage of spacious commercial live bait tanks that are not typically accessible to most fishermen. In such instances, you will need to recreate that specific setting without the use of sophisticated apparatus to sustain their survival over a prolonged duration.


By adhering to these guidelines, you will effectively maintain the vitality of the bait. Using live bait significantly increases your likelihood of successfully catching a large fish. Therefore, it is crucial to bear in mind these bait recommendations during your upcoming fishing excursion. At you can buy fishing worms and also get ahold of information needed to manifest them as excellent baits. Look no more for your fishing needs, enquire today!